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Guitar, didgeridoo and harmonica. Bands since 1995

Moonah Band

Moonah is a rarity in the live music scene with no focal leader; they write and perform as a collective. Their memorable and evocative live performances showcase original instrumental songs that meld both traditional and experimental musical forms. Each album is startlingly unique from the others, reflecting the band’s desire to constantly evolve and explore new sounds.

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25 songs to celebrate 25 years

‘Voyages’ is the bumper compilation album of our favourite recordings. Plus bonus tracks previously unreleased.

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Lucy and the Night Sky

Lucy and the Night Sky

Mark’s most recent musical collaboration involves the Moonah Band backing Lucy O’Grady, a local Jan Juc musician and Bonnie Upwelling Choir Leader. Playing original music written by Lucy and backed by four female vocalists with Lucy on vocals and piano. The music is emotive and powerful influenced by Lucy’s background in classical music and uses this with a blend of folk, blues and atmospheric rock.

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Other Collaborations

Other musical projects include-

There is the local Jan Juc Bonnie Upwelling choir that Mark and his wife Fee have joined and enjoy. Out of this was born the group Form 1 Lane, with three female vocals, acoustic guitar and double bass.

Mark and Fee also perform with Chantananda, a group that performs traditional Indian Kirtan Chanting. Vocals, harmoniums, guitar and percussion.

And Mark and Demir Aliu have play together in the past as Solar Drift, creating what Mark called “atmospheric soundscapes”.  Live improvised pieces—just one song–typically last an hour. The music is Middle Eastern-influenced and incorporates guitar, didgeridoo, flutes, and hand drums. The pair typically play at local art events.


Some of the bands Mark plays in