Mark Trinham

Nature art comes in many forms and sizes and Mark Trinham’s work spans the whole range, from graphic design and illustration to sculpture, from painting and music to massive public art projects requiring a high level of production and project management skills.

Mark has over 30 years of experience in concept design, construction, and installation of artistic projects. Much of his work combines sculpture and signage to create public art that speaks to the audience about living with nature. He collaborates with other artists, engineers, architects and landscape architects for clients including councils, government organisations, indigenous flora and fauna groups, and private land owners.

Mark Trinham


Mark sees his art as a form of storytelling, a way to communicate a message. Over the years, he has been involved with roughly 20 art projects in schools, demonstrating skills, assisting students with their art, and communicating an awareness of environmental issues.

His projects for the general public frequently have an educational component as well, as he engages with attitudes and perceptions about water quality, waste management, habitat protection and restoration. Examples range from the Waste Wise Education Centre he designed for the Barwon Regional Waste Management Group, to the SCIPN Wildlife Card Collection that he researched, designed, and illustrated in collaboration with a small team and with input from regional environmental groups and fauna experts.

Collaborations with other artists are important to Mark. Sharing information, skills and inspiring each other. Most notably, Romanis Trinham Collaborations P/L is a company that grew from over 25 years working in collaboration with Glenn Romanis.

Not all of Mark’s projects are meant to be enjoyed just by the eye! He is also part of several musical collaborations, such as Moonah, Lucy and the Night Sky, Form 1 Lane, Chantananda, The Bonnie Upwelling Choir and Solar Drift with Demir Aliu. see Music Gallery.

Mark’s other professional interests include photography and socially conscious eco-tourism which he collaborates with his wife Fee. Mark continues to create and run art and music events such as the Torquay Cowrie Market and was a founding developer and organiser of the Nightjar Independent Artists Festival.

He continues to partner with grassroots groups as well as corporate groups, using art to create change in attitude and social behaviour and working with communities to develop a sense of ownership of each project and its message. Mark aims to integrate art into the landscape—and the landscape into art. From creating logos and signage to functional sculptures and meeting spaces he fosters a sense of pride of place by conveying an understanding of the spirit of this land we all share.

If you understand nature and the environment, you learn to love it. If you love your environment, protecting it comes naturally.

To find out more about Mark, watch his video interview in the blog